NEW 2018: Sunday Times Top 100 Business

hanging chair
Our parent company recently won an award for being in the Sunday Times Top 100 Places To Work in the UK 2018 - they only went and got the number one spot didn't they!  I have to say we're not really surprised. They give us complete freedom to be ourselves and inspire our team with a creative workspace.

With grass carpets under our feet, a sea view mural painted by a local artist on the wall, comfy sofas, Netflix lunchtimes, plenty of plants and most importantly for us; hammocks and hanging chairs.

hammock uk

It’s all about understanding that your employees are the most valuable asset your company has and making sure they’re happy and relaxed in the workplace – after all, they spend 1/3rd of their lives with you so why not try to make that 1/3rd the best!


We’re not the only company to set up hammocks and hanging chairs in our offices, we’ve had several orders from other companies recently who are all keen to spice things up.  Some have even taken it a step further and personalised the hammocks with their company logos, taglines and funny quotes. Our favourite was "If you fall, I will be there" The Floor!

Just imagine how fab your staff room would look with a couple of hanging hammock chairs suspended from the ceiling or a hammock by a sunny window spot – and you know your staff are going to love it right?!

garden hammocks

As well as being extremely relaxing, they also create new areas for the team to work, laptop on lap, as they let the world sway away and those creative juices flow!

If you're a company that's interested in putting some hammocks up around your offices we would love to hear from you. Otherwise, employees of the world, get petitioning your bosses for more creative workspaces!

PS: Special thanks to Buzz Grass for kitting our office out with their amazing green stuff. Watch this space, because very soon we'll be selling it on our website too!

uk hammocks