How to recycle your old hammock

We have so many customers who come to us because their old hammock (not purchased from us we might add) has let them down and they’re now looking for a new one from us.

But what should you do with your old hammock? We have come up with a few options that will help keep your hammock out of landfill :-)

  1. Cut the ropes off and voila, you have yourself a picnic blanket.

picnic blanket

  1. Any good at sewing? Why not make yourself a couple of outside cushion covers.

outside cushion

  1. If you’re into upcycling then the old hammock material would be great for upholstering some old dining chairs.

old dining chairs

    1. I love the idea of turning old hammock material into shopping bags

shopping bags

  1. How about making yourself matching jacket and trousers

jacket and trousers

  1. Or even a coat for your dog

Dog coat

7. Turn it into a cushion!


Ok, so the dog coat might be a little far-fetched but you get the general upcycling idea right?! So go on, go get creative! And then lay back and relax in your new (more reliable) hammock from Simply Hammocks.