Can One Person Use a Double Hammock?

Double Hammocks


For some reason, all I can picture right now is going camping in a 4X4 and dragging those huge set it up yourself beds, that take up half the boot space. Well, now you and I can both forget those elaborate 4X4 style beds that can cost you a bit for that camping trip you’ve been longing for. What if I told you, go get a Double hammock, pack your clothes, essential food items and other necessities and you’re set! Yes, hammocks have evolved since the last time you thought you'd seen it all.

Allow me to introduce you to the next level of minimalist living by sharing the multiple uses of double hammocks.

What is it?

Think of a single typical hammock, now we’ve all seen plenty of funny memes and videos of our pets trying to climb in with us, or our kids, or even partners wanting to chill with us, but because of space restrictions and weight, everybody kisses the ground faster than they had imagined. If only there was a way to stick another one of those hammocks next to each other and then BOOM! Everybody is happy.

It’s been created already, there are double hammocks that are compartmentalized, there are ones that are just extended so nobody has to feel separated and there are even ones with storage space and pockets (I kid you not).  



There is something called a double hammock that you can use to tie your baby on your back as you continue working from home babysitting at the same time. In most African countries this is the standard way women work, with their babies tied on their backs, as they clean, shop and carry out their day-to-day duties. However, we do have baby hammocks available that can hang from a stand - letting your baby sleep while you work and move as needed.

The other style is what you’re more familiar with, it’s got ropes and ties to attach to a tree, only this time you can have your partner/favourite child/man’s best friend (our pets) with you.

Want to go camping? Instead of buying a camping tent, go get a double hammock as some come with zip-up covers allowing you to sleep bug-free whilst enjoying the night sky without feeling the harsh ground below you (oh and adjustable straps).

Is double not enough? There are even family-sized hammocks

family-sized hammocks

What if you want the size but not the company?

Now let's address a different issue, just because it says 2-person hammock doesn’t mean (all you singles out there) you need to find a partner. It could mean a ton of uses just for you! Let’s break some barriers and make our own rules shall we?

First off, this is not one of those limited editions which come in boring neutral tones, there’s a colour palette to suit every personality type and a perfect size for us all (so you will not be landing in one of those failed hammock meme videos, I promise). There are numerous hooks, stands and accessories available to customise the functionality with style.

Those days of waiting for the biggest muscle man to do the set-up for you are gone, with the various attachments available, you can take that round the world trip, carrying your accommodation with you.

That second space in the double hammock can be used for storing all your valuables as you sleep at night. Keeping your book with its night light alongside you - just in case like me, you doze off midway through reading or scrolling on your phone. Some hammocks even come with cup holders so you can enjoy a drink in peace if you just want to escape the madding crowd without anybody knowing.


Is it worth it?

In the beginning, working from home seemed exciting, then challenging, then we got used to it and it got more stressful than enjoyable. You’d think it’s convenient, but if the mind is uninspired the body shows it. Be spontaneous and change your environment sometimes. A double hammock is a perfect way to do just that.

Need a creative space to finish that blog you’re busy writing but you live in a flat with no garden to inspire your mind? Pull out your double hammock, set up your mobile office facing a window and you’ve literally elevated your body, mind and spirit.

Double hammocks are more than just larger spaces to sleep in, it is a lifestyle changer. So, think about an upgrade and enjoy a whole new elevated experience.

- Arishna