Under the stars, or under polyester?

Everyone loves camping. Well almost everyone. With the undisturbed sense of freedom in the great outdoors, waking up breathing fresh countryside air… dependant on how close to the cow field you pitched your tent; it can make the perfect cheap and cheerful getaway for you and your family.

Okay, so there is the option of sleeping on an air bed, but the time and effort it takes to blow an air bed up; just for it to lose air during the night and you to end up on the floor anyway... are they really worth it? With a carry list of tents, airbeds, sleeping bags and pillows to deal with, why not give a travel hammock a try? Your backpack is going to be a whole deal lighter with just one travel hammock to pack!

The versatility, convenience and comfort of a travel hammock are second to none. They are lightweight, easy to fold and can be put up anywhere there are sturdy trees.Mosquito Traveller Hammock

Now you may be thinking “What if it rains?? I’ve left my tent at home and have my travel hammock with me…but I’m going to get soaked!” – Don’t panic, the  Jungle Tent for Traveller hammock  has been designed with a rain cover to keep you cosy and dry.

There is however one problem when it comes to camping… the floor! Who seriously wants to sleep on a cold hard floor? Don’t let the uneven, bumpy, cold hard floor be a consideration when camping. The travel hammock solves all these issues, leaving you high and dry, and having the best night’s sleep you’ve had camping in ages.

You’ll wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day, instead of stiff and looking forward to going home.

The SimplyHammocks.co.uk travel hammock comes in various styles and colours for the fashion conscious camper in you. If you an international camper; then the Mosquito traveller hammock is perfect for keeping those little critters at bay.

Give camping another go with a SimplyHammocks travel hammock. You’ll never leave home without it again.