Can I vacuum my hammock to clean it?

Clean Hammock

Cleaning a hammock can seem like a daunting task but do not fear! We’ve got some tips on how to clean your hammock and whether it is safe to vacuum clean your hammock. This blog will go into detail on the different materials and products you could use to clean a variety of stains to keep your hammock clean and ready to be enjoyed.

To answer the initial question, yes you can absolutely use a vacuum to clean your hammock of any crumbs, hairs, and pieces of mud. However, be careful not to get too close with the vacuum as this could pull on the fabric or even scratch the surface of the hammocks from the travel range. We recommend vacuuming the surface of the hammocks from a distance that is just far enough to clean the crumbs but not too close to the point you are sucking up the hammock.

An alternative to vacuuming a hammock could just be to take the hammock and give it a good shake outside, this would dislodge any of the dirt or crumbs and won’t harm your hammock, this is a great way to save electricity and requires minimal effort. We also recommend using a damp cloth for any dirt stains and using non-harsh chemicals if there are any tougher stains, don’t ever use bleach or products with harsh chemicals as these could eat away at the fabrics, making the hammock’s vibrant colours disappear as well as loosening the fibres so the hammock becomes unsafe; we sell a hammock cleaning kit that has all the things you need to keep your hammock in tip-top shape, the hammock kit includes eco hammock cleaner, eco hammock freshener, hammock sweeper, emergency repair kit, Nikwax cotton waterproofing and a panda eye mask.

Another solution to cleaning your hammock would be to gently handwash it with mild detergent and some hammocks can be machine washed too. All our hammocks have information about cleaning on the site under the description section, just in case you weren’t too sure. Overall, all our hammocks are colour transfer free and we’ve only seen the vibrancy of our hammocks fading, from being exposed to sunlight, which is why we recommend keeping your hammock out of direct sunlight wherever possible, especially the hammocks that have red pigments, as this colour fades the fastest from direct sunlight and exposure to UV.

If your hammock has been impacted with mildew, we have a useful blog on what mildew is and how to get rid of this, click here to get an in-depth understanding of mildew and how to clean this. Furthermore, we have a blog on how to clean your hammock, which gives a variety of different cleaning alternatives and goes into detail about which cleaning solutions are best for whatever cleaning problem you have.

If you have any more questions regarding hammock cleaning or a general enquiry about our products we are more than happy to help, get in touch with our team.