NEW 2021: Simply Hammocks Gifting Guide

Silk Traveller Hammock

It’s that time of year where we’re all searching for the perfect gifts for our loved ones. Many people think to go straight to things like books, candles, chocolates, or electronics. But we think giving a hammock can be a perfect gift. We have products that are suited for the adventurers in your life, the interior designers, and even the little ones from babies to older children – there’s a hammock for everyone! We’ve put together this simple gifting guide to help you find that special gift. These gifts are suitable for people on a budget too! Let’s get started.

Kids Gift Bundle


1) Kids Gift Bundle

Priced at just £79.10 this is a great gift for the little ones. The bundle comes with a rainbow hammock chair, easy plus fixings, a cute panda eye mask, and the children’s book ‘Murilla Gorilla and the Hammock Problem’, - so your child can cosy up in the hammock chair and read a good book. Some may be concerned about the suitability and safety of children in hammocks, but we have a handy blog to address these issues. Hammocks make a great gift for kids, as they’re fun to climb onto and comfy to swing on. Kids enjoy the bright colours and being elevated off the ground. Their hammock could be a chair or a sailing boat – it’s all up to their imagination. Not only that but hammocks have been proven to help children with autism, as the swaying motion can be used in therapies, stimulating the vestibular system and alleviating stress.

The adventurer bundle

2) The Adventurer Bundle

For the adventurous ones in your life, you may want to consider this bundle. This comes with the Adventure Moskito Hammock Thermo which is ultra-light and comes with a mosquito net and built-in space for a ground pad. In addition, you’ll get Micro Ropes which weigh only 160g but can hold 150kg. We’re also throwing in a care kit from NikWax so you can keep your hammock and camping equipment protected from the elements. This bundle will make whoever you give it to a happy camper! Only £199.99 for the set. It’s ideal for those who frequently like to go adventuring, hiking and those who like to bushcraft.

Weatherproof bundle

3) The Weatherproof Bundle

This one is for the people in your life that take pride in their homes and their gardens. It comes with the Aruba Juniper hammock, which can be left outside in all weathers. It makes a striking centrepiece in the garden, but it can also be used indoors for a stylish addition. You’ll also get an eco hammock cleaning kit, repair kit, and an eye mask so you can drift off in the comfort of your hammock. For only £75.99, it’s an absolute bargain. Of course, it’s not all about style and comfort, hammocks also have health benefits and can help you sleep better!

4) The Explorer Bundle

The Explorer Bundle is tailored for part-time adventurers, those who like bushcraft and hiking. It comes with the Moskito traveller pro hammock and a Nikwax care kit that focuses on protecting clothing rather than equipment. As a result, this bundle is a little cheaper than the adventure bundle coming in at £105.10. It’s a great gift for those looking to get outdoors more – go for it!

Globo Single Natura Hanging Chair

5) Bonus Splurge Spend

If you’re looking to splash out on a luxury gift, then look no further than the Globo. This is a stylish and elegant addition to any home, super comfy and very high quality. It’s not for those on a tight Christmas budget as the set with stand and single-seater is comes in at £959.10. Though it is undeniably stylish and even sustainably manufactured.