7 things to love about hammocks

Best think about Hammock
We have a saying here at Simply Hammocks, "once you have owned a hammock, you always will". So what is it that keeps people come back? Here are five things we know people love about hammocks:

1) Hammocks are functional 

A hammock is a place to sleep, a lounger and a recliner. Basically, you are getting all the benefits of different kinds of furniture rolled into one. You can’t drag your bed out onto the patio and a heavy recliner just isn't going to get anywhere near the levels of comfort a hammock offers. They're light, travel friendly and will feel as comfortable the first and last time you get in it.

2) They're relaxing and relieve stress 

The trusty hammock lulls you into a relaxed state that eases your body and mind of stress. Yes, lying on a bed or sofa may be just as medicinal but nothing will get you there faster than a hammock.  Does your bed swing? Is it outside in the fresh air and surrounded by nature? So after a stressful day at work, grab a book and let a hammock do all the work. Learn more about why hammocks are important to your health.

3) You'll sleep better 

If you have trouble sleeping, you might want to consider ditching your bed for a hammock. They're proven to be a much better source of rest than the conventional bed. Perhaps it’s the way the hammock is made or how it adjusts to your back, maybe it’s the gentle swings. All we know is you won't be counting sheep anymore.

4) Yep, they look great 

Nothing looks more inviting in a garden than an empty hammock. The bright colours set against the natural garden greens, it's whisper of relaxation and allure. But hammocks aren't just reserved for the garden, they also look amazing indoors. With so many colours on offer at Simply Hammocks, you 're guaranteed to get one to match your colour scheme.

5) Hammocks won't break the bank

We're on a mission to sell the worlds best hammocks at the best prices. You're sure to find a hammock to fit your budget on our website and pound for pound, nothing will bring you as much joy.

6) Hammocks are sensory products 

A unknown fact about traditional hammocks, is that they are very beneficial for autistic people, more specifically kids. Due to the natural cocooning effect of a hammock and the slow swaying, recent studies have shown that this actually aids in the development of the Vestibular system. This is the system responsible for your co-ordinational skills, meaning a hammock actually aids in your development. 

7) Hammocks are interior/exterior 

Recent data within the hammock industry shows that from 2019-2021 there has been a significantly increasing trend in hammock purchases for the purpose of interior of exterior designs. Look at the recent Youtube interview with Gwyneth Paltrow conducted by Architectural Designs, she has a $62,000 hammock. If that doesn't scream high class, interior design I don't know what does.