What is the purpose of the Underquilt? Do you need to buy one?

Hammock underquilt

Firstly, what is an underquilt? An underquilt is an insulated material that is designed to hang underneath your hammock to prevent heat loss. The reason you may need one is that it provides warmth, especially if you enjoy hammock camping during the colder seasons. We generally advise using a hammock underquilt when the temperatures fall below 4 degrees Celsius or 40 degrees Fahrenheit. All our underquilt products fit the adventure hammocks and should be compatible with other hammock products. Below are some underquilt products we have on our site:

A green hammock underquilt with a camouflage hammock tarp in a forest.

Amazonas Underquilt

This underquilt provides added protection from the elements, especially the cold from underneath. This product is ideal for pairing with the ultra-light hammock range, including suspension ropes and hammock straps. The outer material consists of 100% nylon ripstop and the filling is made from 100% hollow polyester fibres.  This material keeps you warm and snug and if you combine this with a suitable ground pad, it can handle even lower temperatures. Click here to view this product.

A man sitting in a forest next to his extra extra large underquilt and hammock travel tarp

Underquilt XXL

An underquilt that offers added protection for any extra-large hammocks. This underquilt keeps the warmth in and is extra snug! This product is suitable for hammocks that have a lying surface of 300-350 cm. It’s a beautiful green colour, perfect for blending in with the environment and listening to the natural world around you as the hammock caresses you to sleep.

a split image of a woman wearing the Underquilt Poncho and using it under a hammock.

Underquilt Poncho

This underquilt is fantastic and serves two purposes. Not only is this thermal underlay perfect for your hammock but it also doubles up as a poncho making it twice as useful! The poncho is one size and the thermolite microfibre lining is super warm and cosy as well as being easy to store as the material compresses with ease. Without a ground pad, it can be used at temperatures as low as zero degrees. In combination with a suitable ground pad, it can withstand temperatures well below freezing. Click here to watch a video on how to use an underquilt poncho.

A man inside of his hammock using the topquilt as a blanket.

Did you know there’s also a Topquilt?

The Topquilt is the ideal solution for comfortable nights in your hammock. When you are curled up in your Ultra-Light hammock, the hollow fibre filling gives you perfect thermal insulation from above. The conical form of Topquilt is specially designed for spending the night in your hammock – without any irritating zips. That way you can get in and out of the hammock without a problem, and you have complete freedom of movement for maximum comfort when you are asleep. The top is individually adjustable. The closed lower end gives you particularly effective thermal insulation from the knee down. For cold nights, you can be even snugger if you add an Underquilt (like the ones mentioned above), and if you don’t fancy sleeping in the hammock, you can just use your Topquilt as an ordinary blanket. The Topquilt can comfortably keep you warm at around 4 degrees Celsius or 41 Fahrenheit. If you’d like to view this product click here.