What type of hammock fixings are best?

Using a hammock fixing around a tree

Hammock fixings are the most important element to your hammock, whether you use them to attach the hammocks to trees or posts, or even in your own back garden. It is important to use the right fixings for the job, as they can make a big difference in terms of safety and comfort. Our range includes different types of fixings - some of which are strong and heavy-duty, while others are lightweight and easy to travel with. This blog will go into detail about the variety of hammock fixings we stock and which fixings are intended for what purpose. 


T-straps are a set of two specially developed attachment straps for hanging up hammocks. The locking pin made from aluminium serves as a practical connection to the hammock loop at the same time – push it through and it will put itself diagonally and latch into place. This hammock fixing features an adjustable buckle for smooth adjustment from 15 to 220 cm. Click here to view the product.

Power Hook Hammock Fixing

The Power Hook allows you to hang your hanging chair indoors with the extension chain allowing you to adjust to the desired height. A hanging chair must be hung so that it can rotate so that the hanging chords do not wear thin, and so one can swing in the desired direction. We have created a ball-mounted ceiling hook with an extension chain for adjusting the height. Screws and special metal plugs are included.  The supplied screws are designed for masonry only.  The Power Hook can be fitted to wood, with your own appropriate wood screws. This fixing is perfect for our Globo range of hammock chairs, click here to find out more.

Simple Black Hammock Fixing

The Simple Black Hammock Fixing comes with two 3 metre ropes and carabiners so is perfect if you have walls, beams, or trees that you can tie the rope around. The Simple Black Hammock Fixing is made from a 10 mm thick rope of polyester. The rope is not too smooth which means that knots stay in place. Using polyester for the rope means you can also leave the rope hanging outside. A rain shower doesn't matter to this rope. The rope is braided and not twisted. This makes the rope stiffer and stronger.

Did you know there’s a fixing to shorten your hammock? We have just the product for you! The Hammock Angel Length Adjuster.

Is your hammock too long? Don't worry. Our Hammock Angel is a chic and innovative way to shorten your hammock without any problems. This means no more troublesome knots in your hammock which can cause damage and could become dangerous in the long run. Simply guide the hammock suspension (hammock eye), through the Hammock Angel, and hook into the hammock wall hook or frame. With this, even long hammocks will fit into the distance no matter where you hang them. Click here to view the Hammock Angel fixing.

We stock a wide variety of hammock fixings, perfect for a variety of hammocks, durable and strong. If you have any questions regarding hammock fixings or if you’re unsure of which hammock fixing is best for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team! If you're unsure how to hang a hammock we have a link here.