How Can A Hammock Help You Connect To Nature?

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For centuries hammocks have long been associated with hippies and travellers, but for those who possess a hammock (or two), only they truly understand and appreciate the versatility and value of having them.

Why would I need a hammock?

There’s no particular lifestyle requirement necessary to own a hammock.

● Do you get stressed at work/ at home?

● Do you need to take a break away from your busy day-to-day lifestyle now and then?

● Are you scared to go camping because you’re worried you won't manage carrying a tent plus backpack on your shoulders?

● Do you suffer from back pain and need to improve your posture?

● Does your home reflect who you are?

● Is your office space in need of a better office chair?

If you have answered yes to at least 3 of these questions, then you need a hammock ASAP!

"Hammocks are for wooden furniture lovers and garden people only" - That’s a stigma and I'm pretty sure we crushed it in the list of questions above. The truth is not everybody has a pretty garden they can go sit in and admire, some people live on the 5th floor of an apartment block. And what about the winter months? Hammocks have various tools and gadgets of their own to make the experience of setting up and using one more personalised to you and your character.

The image of a hammock automatically relaxes the mind and body and gives you the impression of time slowing down, when the reality is, time waits for nobody. So you don’t have to have an outdoor situation to enjoy a hammock.

Have a look at our range of hammock chairs that give you the same support and benefits of a traditional hammock (only it looks much more elegant for the indoors), like our Globo Royal Double Seater Hanging Chair Set.

Globo Royal

Love camping? Change the tent for a hammock.

Gone are the days of counting the number of essential items you need to pack in your backpack because the tent needs three-quarters of the space, not to mention the sleeping bag if you don’t want to get stabbed by a rock in your sleep. Hammocks are the new way to sleep during camping and can easily fit into the palm of your hand when packed correctly. So now you can easily take more food and clothes with you and not spend hours trying to pick the right flat surface for pitching a tent (to avoid blood rush during sleep). If you already have a hammock and don’t wish to change it anytime soon, but you’re concerned about mosquitos then we have 2 solutions for you:

● Our Moskito Traveller Extreme Hammockwhich by the way is impregnated with Tanatex, an insect repellent, so bugs, insects and all their relatives will not even sit on the net/ material, let alone on your skin.

● How about a tarp to put over your existing hammock, try our Adventure Ultra-Light Tarp, it is one of the lightest hanging tents in the world.

Ever wondered why babies fall asleep so easily, but as they grow into adults sleep becomes one of the most difficult activities in their lives? It could be because of the swaying motion mothers use to put them in that state, but as adults, our mothers aren’t there to rock us back and forth to sleep, mainly because it’ll be weird.

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine yourself on a beach, the sound of waves crashing near you, the smell of fresh ocean air caressing your skin and a gentle breeze rocking your hammock, Oh what a peaceful moment that is. You can have that experience and not worry about sand flying onto your face or some random beach ball hitting you, ending your peaceful moment. Yes, it’s true, hammocks are made even for the beach and we have the perfect one for you, our Beach Hammock Set that comes with its own stand and can hold up to 100 kgs.

There’s a hammock out there for every need, available in any colour and style for you, all you have to do is open up to the experience and keep it stowed away in a box.

Find a hammock and broaden your lifestyle possibilities.

- Ari