Kronos Hammock Stand (M)

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The elegant design matched with the natural wooden colouring allows any colour Hammock to be paired with this stand for the perfect combination of style and comfort. 
A lovely, sturdy Spruce wood hammock stand that is easy to use, and ideal for both single and double hammocks. The Kronos Hammock Stand can be left outside, thanks to its special 'weatherproofing' treatment.

AMAZONAS stands like this one are produced from high quality spruce (or larch) wood. They are all subjected to a bath impregnation process which gives the wood a green/olive hue and protects the wood from weathering, insects and fungi - thus prolonging the life of the stand.

More info on the quality of Amazonas wooden stands

Instructions for use of hammock or hanging chair frames made of spruce or larch wood

The perfect solution for gardens with no trees to hang a hammock from! Especially suitable for the larger hammock or smaller (e.g. Lambada, Brasilia, Aruba, Florida, Miami, Salsa, Samba, Tahiti, Tobago and Tonga). 

Compatible with the following Hammocks: 

hammocks 270, 275, 300, 310, 320

Fits hammocks with length: 270 - 320cm
Made from: Wood: spruce, impregnated in a dipping bath, high quality layered gluing
Fittings: stainless metal (galvanised)
Load Capacity: 120kg
Dimensions L X W X H (cm): 358 x 105 x 113
Assembly: Easy to assemble, instructions included
Extras: Fittings included, all you need is a hammock!
Individual pack dimensions: approx. 163 x 11 x 34 cm
Stand Weight: 14.5kg